Winemaker - Paul Greblo

I get a real buzz when people taste my wine…

Winemaking is my lifestyle.

Wine is something I grew up with. We made wine at home, we sought after good wine, we tasted wines and talked about them. Wine was considered as essential as bread to living.

Today I make wine because it is part of my lifestyle. I get a real buzz when people taste my wine and show their appreciation for the effort that goes into producing our handcrafted vintages.

At Sandhurst Ridge, our winery plant and equipment is modern, but our techniques very much traditional.

My wine-making philosophy is relatively simple: let the vineyard make the wine and interfere with the winemaking process as little as possible.

I would say that the soils, the climate and the care that goes into our wines make them unique. The soil and the winemaking practices are probably the only consistent factors, whilst the climate imparts the vintage differences and characteristics.


Distinctive and memorable regional wines.

Each year will be different and interesting.

For example, you can line up four years of Sandhurst Ridge Shiraz and you’ll recognise the vineyard characteristic; however, each year will be different and interesting.

Our red wines are fermented in small open vats, the musts are hand-plunged every four hours and at the end of primary fermentation, basket-pressed.

The wines invariably spend 15-18 months maturing in oak barriques; they are traditionally fined and not filtered prior to bottling.

Strict hygiene and constant monitoring from fermentation to bottling ensures that the soundness of the fruit from the vineyard remains the same in the bottle.

My aspiration is to have Sandhurst Ridge wines develop as distinctive and memorable regional wines of the highest quality.

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