Our History

A large Italian migrant family.

Wine is a natural part of living.

Sandhurst Ridge was founded by four brothers who’d grown up with wine -- making it and enjoying it as a natural part of living in a large immigrant Italian family.

The Greblos had owned vineyards outside Trieste in Northern Italy, until forced to abandon them when the borders changed after World War II.

The move to the rural town of Bendigo, Victoria didn’t stop Papa Theo from making wine, but the grapes had to be sourced from outside. Maybe it was rolling those heavy barrels from the railway station to their house, or maybe it was seeing grapes that arrived worse for their wear by the trip they’d made, but after a few years it became clear to the boys that one day they’d have their own vineyard.

In 1989 Paul, George, Silvano and John Greblo stood on a vacant, elevated site adjacent to a state forest just out of Marong, Victoria, and decided that the soils there would be ideal for low-yielding vines which would produce high quality grapes packed with intense varietal flavours. Work began then and there to develop a vineyard and winery which would produce great wine.


A region famous for rich reds..

Sandhurst is the old name for Bendigo.

A hectare each of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes were planted and the small batches of wine which were made in 1993 and 1994 proved that they’d made a good choice.  In 1995 the harvest yielded fruit of the quality and quantity for a commercial vintage.

Now came the difficult task of choosing a name for their label. Greblo Estate? A name related to their Italian heritage? Whilst Papa Theo might have favoured that, the brothers agreed that the region’s reputation for robust, fully flavoured wines would grow and decided to link their wine with Bendigo. On old geographical maps they saw the site of their vineyard referred to as “Sandhurst Ridge” and they found their name, Sandhurst being the old name of Bendigo. The double-headed eagle on their label is another story.

The 1995 Sandhurst Ridge was awarded five stars by Winestate magazine when it was released in 1997. The brothers had already extended their vineyard significantly.

In 2001 two of the Greblo brothers decided they loved fishing more than wine, so their shares in Sandhurst Ridge were bought by the two who “had their priorities right”. Paul and George, with their spouses, now reside at the vineyard and manage all aspects of the business. It’s their passion and they take pride in watching it prosper.

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